Bike/Ped Connectivity Throughout the County

Friends, this past week, the City of Charleston's Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee got some big updates from Charleston County on their various bike/ped projects that are in the works within the City's boundaries. We invite you to watch the full recording of the meeting HERE. You can also flip through the presentation yourself HERE. [...]

Bike shops are essential businesses!

Across the nation, the work of bike shops has been listed as essential services in stay-at-home ordinances enacted to protect the health, safety and welfare of citizens. Charleston Moves firmly agrees with that position. Communities always need the skills of bike shop technicians to repair and maintain our bicycles, and that is particularly imperative during […]


We have game-changing news to share with our most favorite people in the world (YOU GUYS!): the USDOT has officially chosen the Ashley River Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge application, submitted by the City of Charleston, for federal funding through the BUILD program. A local funding match has been secured from Charleston County, the City of […]

Complete Street Champions

Charleston Moves and Bike Law have a long history together, and we’re pretty grateful for it. Bike Law’s founder, Peter Wilborn, was part of the original coalition of folks who formed Charleston Moves, after their victory of achieving a bike and pedestrian path on the newly-constructed Ravenel Bridge.  Over the years, Bike Law and Charleston […]

Map Your “Close Calls”

MAP YOUR “CLOSE CALLS” Charleston Moves is piloting a project in cooperation with the Charleston Police Department (CPD) to determine if tracking “close calls” between motorists and people on bikes and foot result in identification of hot spots. We will provide those hot spots to the CPD for their review and action. It is our goal that priority intersections […]

Executive Director Kate Zimmerman

The Board of Directors of Charleston Moves is pleased to announce that Katie Zimmerman has been selected as Executive Director, effective April 3, 2017. Katie joins Charleston Moves from the Coastal Conservation League, where she has worked as one of the region’s leading environmental advocates for eight years. For more than three of those years, […]