Charleston County Transportation Projects Underway

[February 2, 2024]

On January 23, the City of Charleston’s Traffic & Transportation Committee of Council received updates from Charleston County on the multitude of mobility projects they’re working on. You can view the presentation HERE (starting at 26:20).

Staff provided the latest on the following improvements throughout the City:

James Island

  • Camp Rd/Riverland Dr. multi-use path
  • Country Club Dr/Folly Rd sidewalk
  • Fleming Rd sidewalk
  • Rethink Folly Rd segment 1
  • Fort Johnson Rd/Camp Rd traffic circle
  • Fort Johnson Rd/Secessionville Rd
  • Maybank and Woodland Shores Complete Streets
  • Central Park Rd/Riverland Dr (includes bike/ped improvements)
  • Municipal Golf Course pedestrian crossing and sidewalk

West Ashley

  • Glenn McConnell Pkwy (including multi-use path)
  • Sunset Dr/West Ashley Greenway crosswalk improvements
  • Ashley Hall Rd/Sam Rittenberg Blvd (including sidewalk)
  • Savage Rd sidewalk
  • Stocker Dr/Chadwick Dr (includes bike/ped improvements)
  • Sycamore Ave bike/ped improvements
  • Better North Bridge
  • Old Towne Rd bike/ped improvements (from Old Towne Creek County Park entrance to just past the Orange Grove Rd intersection)
  • Savannah Hwy intersections (includes bike/ped improvements)

Johns Island

  • Maybank Hwy Northern Pitchfork
  • Main Rd Corridor segment A
  • Main Rd Corridor segment C


  • Ashley Ave/Congress St pedestrian improvements
  • Ashley Ave/Huger St pedestrian improvements
  • Courtenay Dr/Doughty St pedestrian improvements
  • East Bay St sidewalk; Oceanic St multi-use path
  • Romney St bike lane
  • St. Philip St and Coming St mid-block crossings
  • King Street Comprehensive Review (from Line St to Huger St)

An ongoing barrier to installing some of these improvements is securing contractors. Bids are coming in too high, or sometimes, not at all. We appreciate that the County is reevaluating their process to encourage proper bids and get these safety improvements done. As many of you probably know, we have been advocating for many of these projects for many years, and their completion is desperately needed.

Live 5 News did a report on the contractor issue, and mentioned several of the projects listed above being affected, as well as other projects in Charleston and North Charleston:

  • Fielding Connector/Croghan Spur
  • St. Andrews Blvd/Riverdale Dr
  • East Bay St/Columbus St
  • I-26/Remount Rd
  • Leeds Ave/Azalea Dr
  • Cosgrove Ave/Azalea Dr