If the proposed design (Alternative 1) is to be selected by County Council, it will cause disproportionate, irreversible and permanent damage to both Phillips and Seven Mile communities, two of few remaining historic African American settlement communities. The proposal will widen Highway 41 to five lanes, directly through the center of Phillips. Email County Council to request they oppose Alternative 1 and come up with a better solution that serves and benefits all members of the community.

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 SIGN THE PETITION: tinyurl.com/safetyonbensawyer 

Project work by Mount Pleasant Waterworks (MPW) and Charleston Water System (CWS), approved by SCDOT, has begun along Ben Sawyer Boulevard to install a redundant water line beneath the intracoastal. As part of this work, the heavily-used Ben Sawyer multi-use path connecting Mount Pleasant and Sullivan’s Island, which is part of the national East Coast Greenway and the local Battery2Beach route, will be closed.

Nearly 900 of you signed our petition, requesting the agencies make a safe space for vulnerable road users. We shared the results with SCDOT Secretary Hall. On Monday, January 11, SCDOT convened an on-site meeting with the other agencies, the project consultant, Charleston Moves and the East Coast Greenway Alliance. Based on that discussion, here are the changes that SCDOT has approved:

  • lower speed limit from 45 mph to 30 mph through the work zone;
  • install variable message boards ahead of the work zone;
  • utilize radar and speed boards in the work zone;
  • install additional signage, such as “Share the Road” signs;
  • enforce the work zone via periodic police presence.

MPW plans to work six days a week, weather permitting, to complete the project as quickly as possible. In addition, SCDOT is working on bike/ped improvements to the Isle of Palms Connector, which is part of the dialogue we’ve had since the summer regarding East Coast Greenway safety improvements in South Carolina. More to come on this soon.

MPW’s latest press release includes the following:

We are committed to our goal of being an excellent service provider. One way we do that is by helping to explain to the community what they can expect from us when we perform work on existing or new infrastructure. We will continue to answer your questions throughout the project. Please allow for a minimum of three (3) working days to receive a response. Project Contact: Bryan Brooks, Project Manager, bbrooks@mpwonline.com

Additionally, we have set up a form for you to share your concerns (see below), especially if you notice changes that may be needed as the project proceeds. We will download the comments and share with relevant agencies every few days, as we expect them to be communicating updates to us on a regular basis.

 SIGN THE PETITION: actionnetwork.org/petitions/friends-of-maybank?source=direct_link& 

On December 14, Charleston County Planning Commission voted to not allow drive-thru service in the Planned Development (PD) zoning for the vacant parcels at the corner of Maybank and Woodland Shores. This is great news, and aligns with the new Maybank Corridor Overlay, as well as our other work to transform the streetscape into a pedestrian-oriented corridor. The applicant is including a multi-use path along their Maybank frontage and a sidewalk along their Woodland Shores frontage, for which we commend them.

However, the Commission’s recommendation must get approval by County Council. We expect this vote to take place in January, and we will keep you posted. In the meantime, sign and share our petition to oppose drive-thru service along Maybank Highway!

 SIGN THE PETITION: bit.ly/bridgetheashleypetition 

This campaign is about not only ensuring the Ashley River Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge and associated intersections are installed and improved, but also about working to get bicycle and pedestrian access for the North Bridge, James Island Connector and Wappoo Cut Bridge.


We need to encourage the City of Charleston to experiment with more open street and parklet opportunities, particularly in diverse areas of the city. To that end, we want to hear your suggestions on locations for pilot projects. Check out our Google Form to submit your ideas; please send us one location per submission.