In an effort to illustrate what infrastructure exists for people biking and walking, we have put together an interactive map. This resource lays out existing infrastructure, active projects that are in process, and gaps in our multi-modal network.

It defines a minimum grid; it is by no means exhaustive. We will continue to update it as progress is made and new projects enter the pipeline.

When you join us by taking action to speak up for safe streets, we make tangible progress. We fill critical gaps that not only make routes safer, but also encourage more people to use them. We hope this map emphasizes the importance of our collective advocacy on specific gaps.

Please note this map is for planning and advocacy purposes, not advice on where to ride.

Definitions for legend below:

  • No Infrastructure = does not have dedicated space/markings for people on bikes/foot, nor are projects planned to address the gap
  • Identified In Plan = improvements that include dedicated space for people on bikes/foot are identified as priorities in formal plans; Charleston Moves is advocating for those improvements
  • Active Project = safety improvements for people on bikes/foot are funded and in development; installation pending 
  • Key Ped Connection = priority improvements in development that are pedestrian-focused 
  • Intersection Improvement = priority intersection improvements for bike/ped are funded and in development; installation pending 
  • 5′ Sidewalk Only = does not have dedicated space/markings for people on bikes, does have minimum pedestrian space 
  • Existing = basic bike/ped infrastructure exists or improvements have been completed 

Tip: When applicable, specific locations include a link to the project page or a brief description.