Take A Stand For Safe Streets

A donation to Charleston Moves is an investment in a safe, connected and equitable Charleston. We are humbled to be your safe streets advocates, and would be grateful to put your contribution to work.

Because the streets belong to everyone. Pedestrians and school kids. People on bicycles and people on buses. Citizens in wheelchairs and with canes. Moped and motorcycle drivers. All of us moving. Safely. Together.

PLEASE NOTE: You will be acknowledged in our annual report by the name listed with your donation. If you prefer to be anonymous or listed otherwise, email Savannah@CharlestonMoves.org.



Your gift powers our advocacy, making a significant, direct and personal impact on our mission and our wins.
We thank you for your generosity!


Donating stock is a great way to support our work, while benefiting you as a taxpayer.
Email Katie@CharlestonMoves.org for instructions.


Please make payable to Charleston Moves and mail to:

Charleston Moves
57 Cannon Street
Charleston, SC 29403


We have many opportunities throughout the year to showcase your company as a champion for safe and equitable mobility.
Email Savannah@CharlestonMoves.org to learn more.