Map Your “Close Calls”


Charleston Moves is piloting a project in cooperation with the Charleston Police Department (CPD) to determine if tracking “close calls” between motorists and people on bikes and foot result in identification of hot spots. We will provide those hot spots to the CPD for their review and action. It is our goal that priority intersections — in the short term — will be flagged for increased enforcement, and hopefully will lead to better infrastructure for vulnerable road-users.

For the purposes of this pilot project, a “close call” is defined as an upsetting, unsafe or harmful incident perpetuated by a motorist while you were biking or walking, and that did not result in a collision. This includes verbal harassment.

Please fill out THIS short form that we will populate as a map to share with our advocates and the CPD. The deadline to report your “close calls” for this part of the pilot is Monday, March 4.