We have game-changing news to share with our most favorite people in the world (YOU GUYS!): the USDOT has officially chosen the Ashley River Bicycle & Pedestrian Bridge application, submitted by the City of Charleston, for federal funding through the BUILD program. A local funding match has been secured from Charleston County, the City of Charleston and MUSC. 

More than 2,000 letters and calls went in from you all to our US Senators and Congressmen, and 230 support letters from entities (including many of yours) were submitted for inclusion in the application packet. Without all of you, this project would not be funded

Check out news coverage here: 
Post & Courier
Charleston City Paper

A safe, connected and equitable crossing for all modes between West Ashley and the peninsula, a serious issue that the community has agonized over and fought to remedy for nearly a century, is finally funded. We are beyond grateful to Secretary Chao, Senators Graham and Scott, and Representatives Cunningham and Clyburn, and all of the state and local elected officials and staff, business and neighborhood leaders, educational and health care institutions, community organizations, and citizens who have advocated for this project.

So many of us have invested blood, sweat and tears to get this crossing and its connections to downtown and the West Ashley Greenway and Bikeway. Charleston Moves stands ready to continue on with advocacy and assistance until the bicycle and pedestrian bridge and connecting intersections are constructed, and of course, continuing our work to also address the North Bridge, James Island Connector and Wappoo Cut Bridge. We are humbled and grateful to be part of the Ashley River Bridge team.  

We will keep you informed as this important project moves forward, and a long-awaited community celebration is planned. 

Thank you for being with us every step of the way,
Katie Zimmerman, Executive Director
Savannah Brennan, Director of Programming