Bike/Ped Connectivity Throughout the County

Friends, this past week, the City of Charleston’s Bicycle & Pedestrian Advisory Committee got some big updates from Charleston County on their various bike/ped projects that are in the works within the City’s boundaries. We invite you to watch the full recording of the meeting HERE. You can also flip through the presentation yourself HERE.

Specific projects covered are:

  • Ashley Avenue at Congress Street Intersection Safety
  • St. Philip & Coming Street at George Street Intersection Safety Improvements
  • Courtenay at Doughty Pedestrian Signal Improvements
  • Romney Street Bike Lanes
  • Oceanic Street Multi-Use Path
  • Old Towne District Improvements
  • Old Towne Road Sidewalk
  • North Bridge Bike/Ped Improvements Feasibility Study
  • Sycamore at 61 Improvements
  • Glenn McConnell Parkway
  • Savage Road Sidewalk
  • Resurfacing Farmfield Avenue
  • Stocker/Chadwick & Savannah Highway Intersection Improvement
  • Main Road Corridor Segment A (Savannah Hwy to River Road)
  • Sea Island Community Sidewalk
  • Maybank Highway and Woodland Shores Road Complete Streets
  • Camp Road Sidewalk and Riverland Drive Multi-Use Path
  • Central Park and Riverland Drive
  • Folly Road Bike/Ped Improvements
  • Folly Road/Country Club at McLeod Pedestrian Improvements
  • SCDOT Crosswalk Enhancements

In addition to the County’s presentation, the City’s Capital Projects Department gave an update on the Ashley River Bike/Ped Bridge. You can watch that update HERE, starting at around 36:24.