Groundbreaking in 2016 in conjunction with People Pedal CHS!

We must design our streets and intersections that are safe for everyone — people walking, people biking, people driving.

With specific pedestrian-first measures such as slower speed limits, life-saving turn restrictions, pedestrian signals and in-street signage, we can achieve saner streets.

In our urban core, right turns on red lights should be banned where people on foot are abundant, such as King & Calhoun, St. Philip & Calhoun, and Coming & Calhoun.

As Gabe Klein pointed out in his Peninsula Mobility Report, “Barnes Dance” diagonal crossings should be considered in these locations and in-street “yield to pedestrians” signage is very effective at getting motorists to stop for people in crosswalks without traffic signals.

Leading Pedestrian Intervals (LPIs) give people on foot a 3-7 second head start before the traffic light turns green. This increases pedestrian visibility and “reinforces their right-of-way over turning vehicles, especially in locations with a history of conflict.” According to the National Association of City Transportation Officials (NACTO), LPIs have been shown to decrease pedestrian-vehicle collisions by 60%. The Crosstown and Savannah Highway are ripe for LPIs.

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