BREAKING NEWS: The Mayor and City Council votes in favor of the Legare Bridge Bike & Pedestrian Lane, 7-6! Read more HERE.

CALL and EMAIL Chairman Elliott Summey and your County Councilmember to voice your support for the Bike & Pedestrian Lane over the Ashley River.

Since approval in February 2014, Charleston County has lost 30 people to bike and pedestrian fatalities on our streets.
All people deserve to be able to move about our city safely and with dignity, not just those in cars.

CLICK HERE to find your district!

District 1: Herbert Sass — (843) 766-7500;
District 2: Dickie Schweers — (843) 513-9229;
District 3: Elliott Summey — (843) 958-4031; (prioritize email)
District 4: Henry Darby — (843) 901-6793;
District 5: Teddie Pryor — (843) 958-4030; (prioritize email)
District 6: Victor Rawl — (843) 766-7334;
District 7: Colleen Condon — (843) 225-7288;
District 8: Anna Johnson — (843) 795-3970;
District 9: Joseph Qualey — (843) 693-3434;

Please feel free to utilize this text as a guide for your call and email: 

As your constituent, I am writing to voice my support for the Legare Bridge Bike & Pedestrian Lane.

This project has been approved and funded for over two years, and the fact remains: it has not been built.

This project is not about closing a lane or even about bicycles. It is about equity. All people — whether they have the choice to drive a car or not — deserve to move about our city safely and with dignity.

I urge you to join me in support for the Bike & Pedestrian Lane, and it if comes to a revote this summer, please bridge the Ashley for all commuters; that includes people who walk and people who bike. We cannot allow this drawbridge to be a drawback.


The project broke ground on February 12, 2016!

Here is our understanding of the timeline:

  • Left Turn Lane Groundbreaking (February 12, 2016)
  • Left Turn Lane Installation (Completed April 1, 2016)
  • Lane Closure Test Period (February 2 — Early May, 2016)
  • CHS County Releases Test Results (June 2016)
  • CHS City Council Re-Affirms Support (July 19, 2016)
  • Lane Build/Installation (60-90 Days)

Click here for more information including the County’s renderings & video!